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Scientific research

The present scientific research


How do experienced caretakers experience the two days of submergence in sTimul? What does it do to them? Does the submergence in the vulnerability of the elder urge them to see new things or to see things differently, as if you would have new glasses? Does it stimulate them to get back into it? Does it sharpen their ethical intuition? Does the sTimul-experience give them the necessary bravery and expertise to change what needs to be changed regarding dignified care? If yes, how so?

And: how can we, being sTimul, support them as good as we can? All these question are subject of a research that is being executed with support from the Flemish Ministry of Welfare, Health and Family.

Concrete process

The research is executed by Leen Stevens, senior researcher. A qualitative research method was chosen, to approach the core of learning at sTimul in the best possible way.

Between January 2009 and August 2009, interviews and group discussions are held to collect data from simulating residents who have experienced a submergence session at sTimul.

The data is analysed to report correctly what are the meanings that participants connect with their sTimul-experiences. On November 1st, a report with the main research conclusions will be published.


Onderzoeksrapport Welzijn

Pdf van het onderzoeksrapport Welzijn