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Present care track


Presence is one of the two cornerstones of the sTimul-approach regarding the care relation.
Working on presence is a dynamical process that needs both time and space. From practice to analysis, from analysis to practice to finally reflect again. Working on presence means taking a road.

That is why we chose a track as training method. The goal is to create a framework, to reach tools, to listen to the practice and to implement important care reflexes step by step.

Working procedure

  • The intake is a session (2,5h) in which a theoretical framework is offered on presence, strong involvement on the work floor. This session is accessible to all staff and caretakers and is provided in the institution itself.
  • IIn a second phase, one thinks quite concrete with a group of 10 to 12 executives and/or caretakers about the implementation of presence. Here, tools are reached out, so the persons involved can learn to listen, steer, think whether this approach is easily implemented or not in their institution. Homework needs to be done and also reminders at the spot are built in, not to lose the path nor the goal.
  • The second part exists of 2 half days in sTimul, with a period of about two months in between. Here we handle the questions that have arisen from the own work field.
  • After circa 6 months, there is a return day.
  • AAs a further succession, caretakers can experience a submergence session.


  • A Present Care Track is always covered per institution
  • Content and timing is determined after consulting the inquirer
  • Cost:
    • Theoretical session (at the premises of the inquirer): please contact us
    • Afternoon session as successive track (sTimul, Moorsele).

Contact sTimul for a request!