sTimul is a terrific opportunity to sTimu-learn

Programma brochure 2015

Download de programmabrochure van 2015

The activities of sTimul consist of 2 parts:

The basic offer has 3 formulas at this point:

Besides, sTimul also keeps time and space available for other, exclusive initiatives.

Neither a beginning, nor an end

Broad public

The offer aims at both caretakers, students, managers in the care sector, tutors, physicians,... sTimul wants to reach the complete scale of the care potential: third and fourth degree education, bachelors like nursery ergotherapy, dentistry, medical science and the sector of the disabled...


  • The offer is determined by school year
  • The offer is announced in the month of June prior to the school year
  • Through our website, you can enrol on-line: payment serves as confirmation
  • Order our brochure here

sTimul is flexible, but not endlessly elastic: one institution is not another and specific questions can result in adjustment of the basic offer towards its own expectations, without ever forgetting about our core principles.

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