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sTimul is a care-ethical laboratory

This last term sounds scientific and points towards experimental -empirical- knowledge. Saying that sTimul is a lab, automatically means that sTimul's offer is both built on an experience-based view and sustained by science.

sTimul works multi-faceted and interactively on care ethics :

As exercising space and learning company

How does a caretaker get the right feeling? Where is the border between intrusiveness and indifference, between familiarity and distantness, between authority and submissiveness? Practice in sTimul makes master.  

As centre for inspiration/motivation

Caring is one thing, coordinating care is another. Care ethics stretches out over both domains. That's why sTimul wants to give impulses to ethical entrepreneurship, caring leadership and management, delegating responsibilities within the care sector.

As centre of interactive schooling

sTimul offers workshops, session of interactive submergence, work-outs followed by reflection, practices new insights in ethical care...

As scientific park

sTimul wishes to test experiences and thoughts and apply them in the scientific (academic) research concerning care ethics.