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Main vision

sTimul is a learning place for all who are or will be engaged in the care sector. Care ethics and presence-approach are the two cornerstones of the main vision that support sTimul. 

Care ethics

sTimul wishes to sTimulate the reflection on care. Both care-taker and care-receiver gain from this.

Caring for somebody, taking care of somebody, is most of all a relational treatment that needs to be well thought of in the broad cultural and scientific framework of trust between people, expertise, dependence, discretion and responsibility.

Care ethics leads to an alert, deeply human involvement in caring. Care ethics makes you think about the caring dimension of our society, by framing  this within the broad context of the cultural living habits and value-patterns, human interactions and working situations within the care sector.

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This reasoning, based on the care-theory, is translated by sTimul thanks to a thorough, interactive and quite realistic simulation of the work field, followed by reflection and attached to a carry-on into the real work field.